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In Britain today the link between the wealth of our nation and family finances has been broken. The result is a cost-of-living crisis for millions of
hard working people, who are left feeling more precarious and insecure.

Half of all those in poverty live in working households. Over five million people are in low paid jobs - one in five workers. Meanwhile, from
allowing the exploitation of zero-hours contracts, to the introduction of employment tribunal fees the Tory-led Government is failing to live up to
its responsibilities to protect the vulnerable and ensure people are able to earn their way to higher living standards.

We need to change our economy to make it work for working people, tackling the root causes of the problems we face. No-one should go out to
a hard day’s work and be rewarded by living in poverty.

Labour will tackle the low pay and insecurity that is fuelling the costof-living crisis, halving the number of people on low pay in our country by 2025, changing the lives of over two million people. To do this we’ll raise the National Minimum Wage to £8 an hour before the end of the next Parliament, while strengthening enforcement so that those paying less than the minimum wage do not get away with it. Meanwhile we will
promote the Living Wage with government using its spending power to encourage more employers to pay it and tax rebates for businesses who
sign up in the first year of a Labour Government.

Good workplaces are not just beneficial for employees; they are good for business and our economy as a whole. So as well as tackling low
pay, we will tackle the causes of insecurity at work, including by banning exploitative zero hours contracts.

• Increase the National Minimum Wage to £8 an hour before the end of the Parliament.
• Give Local Authorities a role in enforcing the National Minimum Wage.
• Ban exploitative zero hour contracts so that if you work regular hours you get a regular contract.
• Reform the employment tribunal system to ensure workplace justice is affordable.
• Abolish the loophole that allows firms to pay agency workers less than permanent staff.
• Launch an inquiry into blacklisting in the construction industry.

• Since 2010 people are on average earning £1,600 less a year after inflation.
• More children in poverty are growing up in working households than workless ones.
• There are 1.4 million zero hour contracts in Britain today. 

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