Steve Warns Cameron Over Unemployment in Walton

(October 17, 2012)

Steve in Chamber

Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has responded to the news that unemployment has fallen by just 17 in the last month in Walton.

Steve explained, “From Cameron’s rhetoric at PMQs you could be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t a single person in Britain looking for a job.

“The scenario in Walton is very different from the pictured the Prime Minister painted. Almost 5,000 people are on the dole queue rather than in work.  This includes 3,256 men and 1,731 women.

“If the Government are seriously celebrating a reduction in the unemployment figures of just 17, then they are seriously misguided on the scale of the problem we face.

“I know we have extremely talented people in Walton who are desperate to work and provide for their families. But on Cameron’s watch, their lives have been made harder, not easier. In my constituency parents are going without food to ensure they can feed their kids. Energy and utility prices are soaring whilst millionaires are given tax breaks by the Prime Minister.

“Politics is supposed to be the art of the possible but Cameron’s version seems determined to make people’s lives impossible”.

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