Steve Supports First Aid in Schools

(December 07, 2012)

 Oakmere School

Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, has backed calls to make First Aid training compulsory in schools.

The former construction worker said, "According to St. John Ambulance, 140,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could have saved them. As a result of this, the UK training company, Aid Training, have called for first aid education in schools to be made compulsory in order to help reduce this number and I fully support their work.

"We already know the benefits when we look at the success that devolved nations have enjoyed with first aid being a mandatory subject for Welsh and Northern Ireland pupils,

"Over 400,000 children are injured each year at school, compulsory first aid training can save lives and ensure minor injuries don’t become major ones.

"What we need now is to take this seriously so that we can help save lives and reduce the longer term cost to the NHS. At present only 7% of the UK population can recall first aid advice. Around 2,500 people die each year from a blocked airway, but if someone had known the recovery position, lives could be saved. The British Red Cross estimates that of the 5.5 million people who visit A&E each year due to an accident, about 3 million have injuries that would have benefitted from some form of first aid treatment. This shows the extent to which injuries from accidents can often be prevented by sufficient first aid.

"And, importantly, there is a willingness to learn. 97% of young people said they believed first aid education would improve their skills to act in a crisis. We must do all we can to support them and support this very important campaign."


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