18% Cut for Merseyside Cancer Network Budget

(December 12, 2012)

Steve Front Line NHS

A survey of Cancer Networks in England which has been published by the Labour Party reveals the true cuts to budgets and staffing which is negatively impacting on Merseyside.

Despite David Cameron's repeated promise that funding for these vital groups of experts would be protected, figures released show:

  • On Merseyside, our local cancer network has seen it's budget cut by £260,000 which equates to 18% since 2009/2010 - the last year of the Labour Government.
  • During that time, the network has lost 6 members of staff which equates to a reduction in manpower of 30%.
  • The Government's NHS reorganisation is causing huge uncertainty and confusion about the future of cancer networks - destabilising the crucial services and support that they provide.

Walton MP, Steve Rotheram explained, "Today across Merseyside, we can see yet another broken promise from the Tory-led government on the NHS.

"During our 13 years in power, Labour delivered fantastic improvements in the treatment of cancer patients, and the work of local Cancer Networks was key to this progress.

"Yet despite Cameron's assurances they would protect local cancer experts, we can see that funding for the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network has been cut by over a quarter of a million pounds. No organisation can lose that much funding and still hope to operate to anywhere near their previous capacity.

"A reduction in staff of just 6 may not sound like an awful lot when we consider the national picture right now, but when you realise it is 30% of the workforce that is now missing, you appreciate just what a mess this is. David Cameron expects our health services to do a whole lot more for less.

"What saddens me is that cancer isn't going away. This disease that kills so many Brits each year will not just disappear. We have to take the fight to cancer with vigour and a purpose like never before. Why isn't our Prime Minister up for the challenge?

"Instead of investing in the fight to find a cure for cancer and offer those with the illness the first-class treatment they deserve, he waged a £3billion war on bureaucracy. The result has been that instead of helping the NHS, he has worsened it - waiting times are going up and patient satisfaction is going down.

"It is the people of Merseyside that are paying the price for Cameron's NHS failures."


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