Hillsborough High Court Hearing

(December 18, 2012)

Steve & Hillsborough Families

Ahead of the High Court hearing on Wednesday, Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has explained what tomorrow will mean for the families of the 96.

“The High Court hearing is the day that the families have fought almost a quarter of a century for. The opportunity to quash the original inquest verdicts of ‘accidental death’ seemed like an impossible task for 23 years. It is the moment they have waited over two decades for.

“After years of sleepless nights for the families as they tried desperately to take on the establishment, tonight may not be the last restless one they are forced to endure, but they will certainly sleep easier once new inquests are ordered.

“My hope is that the overwhelming evidence that was uncovered in the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report will be enough to emphatically prove that Hillsborough was not an accident.

“The wheels of justice turn slowly in Britain but they are beginning to gather momentum. This is just the beginning of a process that will see one of the greatest injustices in the last century, put right and those really responsible for Hillsborough held to account.

“We can only imagine the heartache and hope that the families must be feeling ahead of the hearing. Nothing will bring back their lost loved one, but finally they might get the chance to pick up the death certificates for their loved ones with an appropriate cause of death and move a little closer to achieving the ultimate goal of justice for the 96.” 

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