Steve Responds to Cameron on Europe

(January 23, 2013)

Steve and Ed Balls 5 Point Plan

Walton MP, Steve Rotheram has responded to the Prime Minister's long-awaited statement on Europe and his suggestion of a future in/out referendum.

“Like all local people in Liverpool Walton I am worried about the state of our economy. Only today, it has been revealed that in December 2012, unemployment in Walton actually increased.

“British businesses face an almighty challenge.

“That’s why I am so concerned that the Prime Minister risks creating years of economic uncertainty that will put investment and jobs at risk because he is too weak to control his own party on Europe.

“I am clear that the EU needs to change and work better for people here in Britain. That is why Labour is calling for reforms that will help make the EU more focused on promoting jobs and growth.

“Cameron’s suggestion of a referendum is the equivalent of him holding the proverbial gun to his own head and saying “Do as I say or I’ll blow my own brains out”.

“The reality for him, is that after two and a half years of dithering and breaking down relationships with European partners,  whatever negotiations he seeks in Europe will never be enough for his own party and it will be British businesses that suffer.

"In October 2011, I walked through the lobbies with Cameron as he voted against a referendum on Europe. This is yet another U-turn from a PM that doesn't have any kind of vision for Britain but who simply makes it up as he goes along. 

“At a time when the economy, not Europe, is the most important issue on the table, we need to ensure that we have a Leader that is focused on the national interests, not his party’s interests”.


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