Steve on Walton's Unemployment Stats

(January 22, 2013)

Steve in Chamber

As the number of unemployed people in Walton rises to 4,996, MP Steve Rotheram explains that today's figures do not show the roaring recovery that Cameron likes to think they do...

“Across the country, levels of unemployment have apparently fallen in the month of December 2012. This is most likely due to temporary and part-time Christmas work but it means some families and individuals have be granted some light relief and that is very welcomed.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t the case for Walton where unemployment rose by 16 people to mean that almost 5,000 people are unemployed in our constituency.

“Walton’s story is not isolated either. Whilst Cameron wants to brag about falls in unemployment because of a clever way his advisors have managed to spin the figures, the idea that today's figures show some sort of roaring recovery is as fallacious a claim as one  that suggests he has a vision for Britain!

The reality is, the  more deprived areas of the country are on very shaky foundations. In fact half of the country saw yet another rise in unemployment, the long term dole figures went up yet again and so did youth unemployment.
“Worse, there are now more people on the dole long term than at any time since October 1997, there are more signing on for over two years than at any time since the 1990s - and there are now more people in temporary jobs than at any time since July 2001.
“That's why Labour is demanding the government introduce a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee for anyone out of work for more than two years. We simply cannot afford to let nearly half a million people languish on the dole for more than a year.
“This morning’s figures also lay bare the fact that prices are still rising much, much faster than wages. That's a real worry when the government's strivers tax is punishing working families' by cutting their tax credits. At a time when millionaires are being handed an £107,000 tax cut that simply cannot be justified.”

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