Steve Slams Bedroom Tax

(January 28, 2013)

 Steve & John Healey

Steve pictured with John Healey MP - former Housing Minister and strong opponent of this tax. 

Walton MP Steve Rotheram has hit out at the Government’s bedroom tax and branded it as “immoral”.

Steve explained, “The bedroom tax is, in my opinion, an unethical piece of legislation. We are already starting to read in national newspapers what the consequences will be for some families.

“In today’s Daily Mirror it was revealed that the grieving parents of a seven-year-old cancer victim, who died at home in her bed last year, will be forced to pay £56 extra a month in bedroom tax because the Government are classing this as a spare bedroom. In other words, £56 will be deducted from the household’s Housing Benefit.

“How utterly inhumane and immoral.

“Whilst this is an example of the wickedness of this policy at the top of the spectrum, there are plenty more stories of the untold heartache and anguish that families are being forced to endure because of this tax.

“My office has received dozens of calls from people who are, in essence, being told that because David Cameron’s economic plan didn’t work, they will now lose their homes.

"It’s a shocking policy of any government to target the most vulnerable with a plan to replace stability with continued fragility.

“If you look at what it will mean for Walton then you can see, of the six wards which make up my constituency, 2,634 tenants are to be affected.

In Anfield, 265 tenants will lose £187,772 in Housing Benefit in each year.

In Clubmoor, 745 tenants will lose £519,220 in Housing Benefit each year.

In County, 340 tenants will lose £203,060 in Housing Benefit each year.

In Everton 873 tenants will lose £596,024 in Housing Benefit each year.

In Fazakerley 235 tenants will lose £173,316 in Housing Benefit each year.

In Warbreck 176 tenants will lose £118,664 in Housing Benefit each year.

“Just take a minute to reflect on what this policy means; families who have lived in their houses all of their lives are now faced with either losing benefit or trying to find a new home. This, incidentally, at a time when we don’t have any houses to offer people.

“For instance, how do we tell an elderly couple who have lived in a three bedroom house for 40 years and watched their children grow up and leave home, that they now need to find a one bedroom flat on the other side of town?

“It is a policy that puts unnecessary pressures and strains on a family and will lead to irretrievable breakdowns in family and community life across the country. We are essentially talking about a state-led manufacturing of the entire demographics of some of our neighbourhoods. It is wrong.

“The bedroom tax is another example of Cameron's ill-treatment of low paid and working class people, because they are exactly the kind of people that he never meets and will never understand”.

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