Weekly Round Up

(February 01, 2013)

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Weekly News Round Up from Westminster:

This week Ed Miliband called on the government to do more to create much-needed quality apprenticeships for young people in Liverpool Walton.

In the week the government finally announced details of the planned HS2  high speed rail route – a project initiated by the last Labour Government - Labour has called for 33,000 apprenticeships to be created as part of this £33 billion infrastructure project. That’s one for every £1million of public money spent.  

We want this to apply to other government  projects too, like school and hospital building, to ensure young people across the country get one foot on the work ladder and a chance to help rebuild Britain.

This new policy on apprenticeships is part of Labour’s wider jobs plan. With Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee everyone would be offered a job, and have to take it, after two years out of work, while our Real Jobs Guarantee for young people, funded by a tax on bankers bonuses, would see every 18-24 year old unemployed for a year or more guaranteed work.

We have almost a million young people out of work at the moment- a waste of a generation of talent and a worrying cost to the country’s finances as the benefits bill grows.

But David Cameron is standing aside and failing to take action to tackle youth unemployment, with no plan for the forgotten 50 per cent who don’t go to university.

Labour’s Youth Task Force is taking this challenge head on- examining the best ways of tackling the problem of youth unemployment by drawing on best practice across the country.

If you have experience, suggestions or ideas, you can share them through the Your Britain website here:


The Prime Minister told us that when it came to the economy, “the good news will keep coming”.  After last week’s growth figures it obviously hasn't. Instead of the 5 per cent forecast, growth in Britain came in at a depressing 0.4 per cent.

Britain's economy has flatlined for over two years, with nearly one million young people out of work. Prices are still going up faster than wages and borrowing is going up not down, by seven per cent so far this year.

The coalition’s failure on growth is having a serious, and in some cases devastating effect on the living standards of people in this area.

Only the richest are insulated. They’re set to receive a £3 billion tax cut in April while the bumper bank bonuses continue.

But for most families, working people and pensioners – the people who are paying the price for Government’s failure through tax and benefit changes - it is a different story.

David Cameron says other countries are doing worse than us but it simply isn’t true.  Britain is now 18th out of the 20 G20 countries on growth, behind the USA, Canada, Germany and France because of terrible decisions he has made.

David Cameron promised change, but nothing is changing. He can’t be the One Nation Prime Minister Britain needs when he is hitting ordinary families with a Strivers’ Tax and cutting taxes for millionaires. 

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