North West Bedroom Tax Bombshell

(February 13, 2013)

Steve in Chamber

Figures reveal unequivocally that the North West will be the hardest hit by David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s bedroom tax. With 110,000 Housing benefit claimants in the North West expected to be impacted by the cut on April 1st, Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram has warned that this pernicious policy is likely to destroy communities and families on Merseyside.

“The Government’s own impact assessment has revealed that across Great Britain, it is estimated that approximately 31% of working age Housing Benefit claimants living in the social rented sector are likely to be affected by the measure and in the North West, 110,000 claimants will be affected. This is the highest number in any region of the UK.

“David Cameron’s region is facing one of the lowest number of claimants with just 40,000 claimants in the South East set to be affected while almost three times as many people in the North West will lose, on average, £14 a week in the next financial year.

“What is getting lost in this debate is that we are talking about presenting elderly and vulnerable people in our society with an ultimatum; face life with a reduction in money forcing you to make the choice between putting food on the table or heating the home or alternatively, move out of the home you have, in some cases, lived in for decades and which is the home to your memories.

“What kind of party thinks this is ever acceptable? No matter what the economic backdrop the bedroom tax should never be happening”. 

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