Enough is Enough

(February 21, 2013)

Steve - Lost Generation

Labour MP, Steve Rotheram has reacted to the figures published by the Office of National Statistics that have revealed a rise in unemployment levels in Walton.
“As we approach the budget on March 20th, we now know that 5,124 people in Liverpool Walton will be pinning their hopes on George Osborne to ditch his failed economic plan and seek an alternative fiscal programme which puts emphasis on jobs and growth.
"In May 2010, the British economy had enjoyed three consecutive quarters of growth, we were out of recession and employment levels were rising with people able to get hold of full time positions.
"Since Cameron, Clegg and Osborne got their hands on the economy they have actually increased the amount of debt we owe by borrowing close to £300 billion for failure, unemployment levels have risen to the highest point since 1994 and one million young people are unemployed. We stand on the verge of a triple dip recession meaning the Tory-led Government have taken us to two recessions in two years, in the whole of 2012 the British economy did not grow at all and in four of the last five economic quarters the economy has shrunk.
"The result of austerity is human misery. With increasing levels of homelessness, child, fuel and food poverty, family breakdowns and suicides, this Government is ripping the heart out of communities because they are too arrogant to recognise their own mistakes.
"Ultimately, it is areas like Walton that will suffer the most. Cameron was elected on a promise to cut the structural deficit by 2015 and to deliver more than 4% growth in the economy in the life of this parliament. In the three years to date, the economy has grown by 0.4%. He will need a miracle to get anywhere close to his economic target. The question everyone in Walton is asking the posh boys in Whitehall is, ‘surely enough is enough?’"

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