Steve Slams Government for AAA Credit Rating Loss

(February 25, 2013)

Steve at DHL

At the last election, George Osborne told voters he’d secure the recovery, cut the deficit and protect Britain’s Triple-A credit rating.
He wasn’t telling the truth: The economy has flatlined, the deficit is going up, and Britain’s credit rating has now been downgraded.  The Tories’ response to the downgrade? Pretend everything is still going right. 

George Osborne reminds me of the knight in the Monty Python film… “’Tis but a scratch!”  It’d be funny if their failure didn’t hurt so many people.

Their response is to just carry on failing. Labour's response is different. We want to get the Tories out, so we can start fixing the economy. That starts with a strong showing in Eastleigh next week – and for that we need your help.

Can you chip in to help us finish strongly in Eastleigh? 

We warned that David Cameron and George Osborne's plan would hurt, not work. But there’s no joy in being right. Their failure isn’t a Westminster story of who’s up and who’s down. Their failures cost people their jobs. Their failures mean deeper cuts to services that people rely on. Their failures mean more stress and worry for families trying to make ends meet.

This is a moment when we can all see just how important our work is. Every door knocked, every phone call made – and this week, every coach trip to the south coast – it all gets us closer to removing David Cameron from Number 10 and George Osborne from Number 11.

We can only do this together. Can you chip in? 

The last Tory manifesto promised "We will safeguard Britain's credit rating" as the very first of its "Benchmarks for Britain" to "judge the economic success or failure of the next government".

They’ve already failed the British people and now they’re even failing on their own terms.

Let’s work together to get them out.

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