Steve Unveils 57th Liverpool No 1 Disc

(February 25, 2013)

Steve with HAHHMB Disc

Music has the ability to unite groups of people and bring them together to champion a cause or demonstrate a collective sense of outrage at an injustice.

The Justice Collective project went even further.

Music is part of our popular culture. Too often we are told that people in Showbiz, in sport and even in politics, are detached from the reality of ordinary people. We are constantly told that we need new role models and new people to admire and aspire to be.

Well I'm lucky. Im a politician. A politician in Liverpool. It means that everyday I am elected to serve the people of this great city, I am given the chance to meet inspiring people.

I know fewer more inspiring people than the families and survivors of the 96 victims of Hillsborough. Has there ever been a more poignant example of a mothers love for her child than the actions of Margaret Aspinall, Jenny Hicks, Anne Williams and all the other mums and parents of the victims of this tragedy who have never, given, up.

That's what made this project special. The families' grief, the families' determination, the families' story, was all the inspiration that some of the biggest names in music, comedy, politics and sport, needed to get involved.

No one asked for money. No one asked about expenses. No one asked about recognition. All anyone ever asked, was to be involved.

Egos were checked in at the front door and everyone left proud of the part they played in helping to keep the issue of the Hillsborough cover up at the top of the media agenda.

You know when history judges the year of 2012, I'm confident it will be remembered as a remarkable one. A year when the Queen celebrated her diamond jubilee, London played host to the greatest ever modern Olympic Games, Manchester City won the league with the last kick of the season and the truth about the Hillsborough disaster was finally revealed. And thanks to the efforts of Guy Chambers, Kenny Dalglish and many many others, it will also be remembered for putting the Justice Collective on top for Christmas.

For that I know the families are forever grateful.

I'd like to say to the young people and the not so young people, who have given so much to the truth and justice campaign over all these years. To the people who went out and bought this record, not just for themselves and their loved ones, but for the families and the survivors and for every person of this city who has had to live with this double injustice for over two decades, I want to say thank you. You took on the establishment and you were proved right.

In no other city in Britain would this story be possible. In no other city in Britain, would music bring people together to fight injustice like it does here. And in no other city in Britain would the people of that city never give up.

So it turns out that for the people of Liverpool, we don't need to look very far for our role models. It turns out we don't need to look very far for people to admire. Because it turns out that the city of Liverpool is inspiring.

And for that reason, I am proud to call myself a scouser. 

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