Steve Outlines Labour's Priorities

(April 15, 2013)

Labour - Youth Unemployment

Labour's Priority Policies 

  • Getting our economy moving so that we bring down the deficit and people have the chance to play their part:

Called on the Government to build 100,000 homes with the money from the 4G Licence sale as part of Labour’s five point plan for growth and jobs

  •  Fairer taxes so everyone is rewarded for playing their part:

Bringing back a 10p rate of tax, paid for by a tax on homes worth over £2m

  • Reforming our benefits system so the long term unemployed are able to play their part with a job they have to take:

Introducing a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee for those out of work for two years, that they must take or lose their benefits

  •  Tackling the vested interests that rip-off and hold back Britain’s families:

Capping rail fare increases on every route, requiring energy firms to put over-75s on their cheapest tariff, and crack down on pension industry charges.

  •  Ensuring the 50% who don’t go to university are able to play their part:

Large firms that want to benefit from government contracts will be required to have apprenticeship schemes to bring on the next generation, with gold standard vocational qualifications at 18 that young people know will set them up for an apprenticeship

  •  Building a banking system that backs small businesses to play their part:

Putting in place a British Investment Bank, a system of regional banks, and splitting up the banks if they don’t deliver real change between now and 2015.

  •  Tackling the effects of immigration that make it harder for some people to play their part:

Tighter enforcement of the minimum wage, including a role for local authorities, and extending the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to prevent local workers having their wages and conditions undercut.

  • Giving local communities more control so they can play their part in turning things around:

New powers for councils to shape their high streets and stop them being over-run by pay-day lenders

  • Making sure families living in the Private Rented Sector have the secure home they deserve:

Regulating letting agents, introducing a register of landlords, and longer tenancies for families with children

  • Protecting and strengthening our NHS and Social Care systems by integrating them:

Bringing physical health, mental health and social care together into a single service that looks after the needs of the whole person so we can deliver better care and meet the challenges of an ageing population in an era when money is tight.

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