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(April 19, 2013)

Labour - Youth Unemployment

Wage Stagnation

Families are now losing £891 a year while  David Cameron gives an average tax cut of £100,000 to millionaires.

This is the wrong choice, it is unfair and is totally out of touch with people on modest incomes who are struggling with the rising cost of living.

Cameron had a chance to make amends this week, when Labour proposed measures to make taxes fairer and to ease the squeeze on living standards.

But instead, the Tories voted against:

- cancelling the millionaire’s tax cut and the raid on family tax credits

- a temporary VAT cut

- bringing back the 10p tax rate, paid for by a tax on properties worth over £2million

- cracking down on tax avoidance by companies who earn from us but don’t pay their way 

This sends a clear signal to the whole country about whose side David Cameron is on and who he expects to pay for his Government’s failure to get the economy back on track.

A One Nation Labour Government would make different choices from the Tory-led Government, with different priorities about who we stand up for, and different ideas about who to stand up to.

One Nation Labour’s policies are about ensuring everyone plays their part in rebuilding Britain.

The Tory-led Government has taken Britain backwards.

It’s only with everyone pulling together that we’re going turn things around.

Labour - Mums Tax

Unemployment Rising

It is getting clearer by the day that David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic policies are failing Walton.

Families are £891 worse off because of tax and benefit changes and pay packets are now on average a whopping £1,700 smaller than at the last election. 

People have to work almost an extra month and a half to make what they did in 2010. Working people feel they’re going backwards because they are going backwards.

A flat-lining economy and rising long-term unemployment has put up the welfare bill by over £21 billion more than planned and this Government is asking hard-working families to pay the price whilst they hand an average £100,000 tax cut to the richest people in the country. Unemployment is not only higher than at the election, it’s soaring. 

We need urgent action now to bring down the benefits bill, but we shouldn’t be cutting working tax credits for striving families – we should be getting people into jobs. That’s why Labour is calling for a tough but fair Compulsory Jobs Guarantee.

Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee would offer anyone who has been out of work for more than two years, or one year if they are under 25, a real job – one that they would be required to take, no ifs and no buts.

Britain needs real welfare reform that is tough, fair and that works – not divisive and misleading claims from an out of touch Government.

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