Cost of Living: Broken Promises on Living Standards

(August 12, 2013)

LIVING STANDARDS - worse off by over £6k

People in Walton don’t have to be reminded by national newspapers and rolling 24 hour news channels of how tough life is for them at the moment. 

With increases in zero-hour contracts, job insecurity, wage depreciation and the rising cost of gas, electricity, travel, water, food and fuel people across the great city of Liverpool know that David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Government have made life harder, not better, for the overwhelming majority of them.

We all remember what the PM said in the Tory manifesto, “We want to see an economy where not just our standard of living, but everyone’s quality of life, rises steadily and sustainably.” Conservative Party Manifesto 2010,

He hasn’t delivered on that pledge.

According to House of Commons Library figures, after inflation, average earnings are £1,350 a year lower than they were at the time of the last General Election. This means that, in real terms, workers are on average earning today the same as they made in 2001. A city like Liverpool – and most certainly a country like Britain – can afford to be taking 12 steps backwards.

Since 2010 wages have fallen in real terms in every region and nation of the UK, with the North West seeing one of the biggest percentage falls. In fact, we have seen wages fall across Liverpool by a staggering £32.40 a week. That means a total of £1,685 less each year. 

To put that into perspective, in a home where both parents work full time, they are losing almost £4,000 a year as a result of the rise in the cost of living. In turn, their quality of life suffers and local businesses suffer as households have less money to spend.

This decline in our quality of living has to stop. It never had to be like this. Remember, it was Cameron and Clegg who vowed to cut the deficit by 2015. They now admit they won’t be able to do that. So while their gamble with the British economy is failing, it is the people of Walton that are the ones most adversely affected. 

LIVING STANDARDS - hardworking people worse off

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