Steve Welcomes 2015 General Election Policy Rollout

(September 24, 2013)

GE15 - Labour 1

As the Labour Party continues with our annual party conference in Brighton, Ed Miliband has outlined major policy initiatives that will form part of our party's 2015 General Election manifesto. They include:

  • The next Labour Government will repeal the discredited bedroom tax, with a fully funded plan to do so without additional borrowing.
  • The next Labour Government will tackle low pay that is fuelling the cost of living crisis by strengthening the national minimum wage. The minimum wage needs to rise faster than it has in the recent past in order to catch up with where it was in 2010. If the minimum wage had increased in line with inflation over this period low paid workers would be earning £20 a week more than they are now.
  • The next Labour Government we will introduce a ‘primary child care guarantee’ – giving ALL parents of primary school children the guarantee of child care availability through their school from 8am-6pm.
    • give working parents of three and four-year-olds in England 25 hours of free childcare a week paid for by raising the banking levy by £800m a year to fund the extra 10 hours. Three and four-year-olds currently receive 15 hours of free care a week;
    • repeal the damaging and costly NHS bill;
    • introduce a compulsory jobs guarantee paid for by taxing bankers bonuses;
    • introduce a 10p starting rate of tax paid for by the mansion tax;
    • cap rail fares;
    • give the Green Investment bank borrowing powers it needs;

These are the policies that will begin to improve the lives of ordinary people in Walton. When the Conservative's say you can't trust Labour to change this country, I say to them that Britain can be better than this. So in the 19 months to come, join me as I take this message across the country with our Leader and the next Prime Minister, Ed Miliband. 

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