Tories Record on Schools & Children

(October 05, 2013)

GE15 - Childcare 25hrs


• Last year under David Cameron, nursery costs rose six times faster than wages. • David Cameron has cut Labour’s help with childcare costs, with families losing up to £1,500 a year in tax-credit support.

• In total, David Cameron will have taken up to £7 billion a year of support away from children by 2015.

• There are now 566 fewer Sure Start children’s centres than in 2010.


• More than half of all free schools have opened in areas without a shortage of school places - while 240,000 primary places are needed by 2015.

• Twice as many infants are now being taught in large classes compared to 2010. • David Cameron and Michael Gove are allowing unqualified teachers to teach in academies and free schools.

• There are now 6,063 fewer teachers than in 2010.

• 5,950 teacher trainee places are unfilled this year.

• Last year a third of councils reported a cut in the number of after-school clubs.


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