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(November 05, 2013)

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Liverpool Walton's Steve Rotheram MP has spoken of his delight that Liverpool City Council is to become a Living Wage council.

‘’Labour Councils are leading the campaign for the Living Wage in local government.

"Islington and Lewisham were the first councils in the UK to earn Living Wage Employer accreditation and many more have now committed to paying a living wage including Liverpool.

"Local authorities have been hit by large and unfair cuts made by this Tory-led Government. Every day council colleagues are having to make tough choices. But despite this, a growing number have taken it upon themselves to pay all their employees a Living Wage. The Living Wage is all about helping those who work hard to live with dignity. I would encourage all employers, whether in the private or public sector, to seriously consider adopting it as a way of helping their workers in these difficult times when food and energy bills are rising.

"One of Labour’s proudest achievements in Government was the national minimum wage. And now it is Labour in local government which is showing leadership on this important issue. Defending those on modest wages shows just how different Labour in local government is from a Coalition that believes that the top priority is to cut taxes for the very richest in society.’’

View from Labour Councillors                  

“I am very proud that Lewisham is pioneering the London Living Wage, not just for its own employees, but also for those employed by our contractors to deliver services for our borough. Paying a living wage helps not just those individuals and their families, but contributes to the overall wellbeing of the borough.”

Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham

“No one should do a hard day’s work for less than they can live on. We are proud of the progress we have made so far in Islington towards ensuring that everyone who does work for the council is paid a Living Wage. But we know there is more to be done – particularly when it comes to areas like social care and schools – and we are working on it. These workers all deserve the dignity of a decent day’s pay.”

Cllr Andy Hull, Islington

“It is only right that our hard-working employees get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – and up to now that has not been the case for thousands of staff. The living wage will make a real improvement to the quality of life for those affected. Research from elsewhere where it has been introduced shows attendance, motivation and loyalty are all improved, along with better recruitment and retention of workers.”

Cllr Ian Ward, Deputy Leader, Birmingham City Council

“Camden Council already pays the LLW to staff that work directly for us, the next important step is to work with new providers and extend that commitment to new contracts. This may take us some time, but I firmly believe that it is an investment that will improve the quality of services and the daily lives of those who work for Camden. Paying a living wage is even more important as government cuts £18 billion from welfare benefits, including those paid to people in work.”

Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council

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