Steve Responds to Hillsborough Update

(February 28, 2014)

Steve with Hillsborough Families at Anfield

Following the release of the twelfth IPCC update on the Hillsborough investigation, the MP for Liverpool Walton and Justice campaigner Steve Rotheram MP has said:

“Following the Home Secretary’s statement to the House of Commons which I requested earlier this month, I am delighted that both the Home Office and IPCC have reacted quickly to the points that were raised by MPs and the shadow Home Secretary. It is vital that we continue to work together so that the families maintain their trust and confidence in the process.”

On the IPCC accepting Home Secretary’s offer to contact all Chief Constables for additional evidence:

“This is the right thing to do and I am delighted that the IPCC will now be provided with all police documentation pertaining to the Hillsborough disaster. It will mean unequivocally that this investigation will be the definitive conclusion to biggest investigation into police misconduct in British history”.

On surveillance:

“It is right that any family member who suspects they may have been the subject of surveillance should contact the IPCC immediately. Whilst I hope that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe will pass on all documents which can either confirm or deny surveillance of the families, I do not believe this should be left to chance. The Home Secretary must answer my questions on the warrants that the Home Office issued and release all papers into the public domain immediately. Information relating to possible actions to monitor grieving mothers and fathers cannot be considered a threat to our national security but does qualify for release under the public interest test”.

On retired officers:

“It seems the message is, slowly, sinking in with these individuals. The Coroner has the power to compel them to give evidence anyway. In the spirit of common decency these remaining officers should accept that after 25 years enough is enough for the families and voluntarily comply with the IPCC’s interview requests”.

Witness appeal:

“17 percent of the respondents to the IPCC witness appeal are so far, individuals who have never previously given evidence. Fresh evidence is vitally important in securing justice for the 96, so I am encouraging everyone and anyone who was at Hillsborough on that fateful day, to come forward and contact the IPCC as a matter of urgency”.

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