Steve Supports Private School Plan

(November 25, 2014)

Steve & Schoolkids

Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has welcomed the Labour Party’s announcement that private schools will be stripped of their rate relief, if the party returns to government in on May 7th 2015.

Steve explained, “Private schools remain one of the most divisive facets of modern Britain and today’s announcement goes a long way in bridging the gap between private and state school education.

“I have always believed children are equal and should be treated equally in our education system. I’ve never understood why those whose parents can pay the most, have been at schools that have financially benefited from taxpayer subsidies, at the expense of the state school system.

“Private schools currently benefit from generous state subsidies, including Business Rates Relief worth around £700 million over the course of a Parliament. The private sector does not enjoy a monopoly on education success and the Labour Party will always celebrate the performance of outstanding state schools. But I have always been of the opinion that private schools should contribute far more to improve education for all our children in order to keep hold of this subsidy.

“David Cameron refuses to challenge an education system that unfairly benefits the privileged few. Just 7 per cent of school pupils are educated in the private sector yet these schools provide more than 50 per cent of Britain’s CEOs, barristers, judges, QCs, doctors and journalists. This is an unfair reflection on the talent of young people in the state sector and creates a divided, unequal society which is holding Britain back.

“In contrast, Labour will end this corrosive divide and improve education for all with a tough new ‘Schools Partnership Standard’ that all private schools will have to pass in order continue receiving Business Rates relief. 

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