Steve on BBC Report

(February 26, 2015)

 Steve at Select Committee 

Walton MP and Member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Steve Rotheram has reacted to the publication of the report by the committee into the future of the BBC license fee. 

Speaking after publication, Steve explained, “Despite suffering a litany of problems over the last few years, many of its own making it must be said, the BBC remains a widely admired, respected and trusted broadcaster both in the UK and internationally.

“There are however some big questions it will have to answer in the next Charter period about how it spends the licence fee, how it is governed and how it becomes more accountable.

“Our Committee travelled to a number of European countries to look at how they fund public sector broadcasters and, at least in the short term, there appears no viable alternative to the current licence fee system, although we recommend that the government should consider a German style household broadcasting levy which would decriminalise non-payment in line with other locally collected rates.

“The report is wide-ranging and looks at improving the scrutiny functions, structures and accountability of the corporation. It concludes by calling on Government to seek cross-party support to set up an independent review panel so that the process is as thorough, open and democratic as it can be.”


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