Liverpool Stands With London

(July 07, 2015)

Steve at Liverpool in London

Today marks a decade since the terrorist attacks on the city of London and it’s people.

It was a day when 52 people were killed on their way to work and university.

A day when innocent people were killed in an act of cowardice by four home-grown suicide bombers in the worst act of terrorism our country has seen in living memory.

The day before the country had been celebrating winning the 2012 Olympic bid. Within 24 hours the country had gone from euphoria to mourning.

While these were events in London they were a national tragedy, and cities across the country stand with the capital in solidarity.

Citizens of Liverpool where caught up in the attacks, with Liverpool John Lennon Airport Manager - Andrew Brown, who lost a leg, being on the tube that day on his way to a business meeting.

London is a global city. It’s diversity and adaptability is central to its appeal. Yet its greatness is not encapsulated by the size of its skyscrapers or the wealth of its businesses. It is the people of this city that make it one of the greatest capital cities in the world and one we should all be immensely proud of, wherever in the UK we live.

It is true to say that political and economic tensions exist between Liverpool and London but it is important to remember that this was not an attack on the government, this was an attack on ordinary people going about their everyday lives, for which all of Liverpool can relate.

Today is a day to reflect and be proud of our capital city. It is a day to honour the memory of those who perished, but equally to reflect on the heroism and stoicism of the London Ambulance service; the London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan police, emergency service personnel from surrounding areas and the ordinary men and women aboard the trains and the bus who helped to tend to the injured and the dying.

Whatever the differences between London and Liverpool, they matter not today.

Instead we pause to pay tribute to London; it’s people, it’s culture and it’s bravery in the face of such barbarism.

Today we pause to remember the victims, praise the people of London for the grace and dignity they have shown and recognise the acts of selflessness from the many survivors that still live lives scarred by these indiscriminate attacks.

The thoughts of all in Liverpool Walton are with Londoners everywhere, today.






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